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A Special Registry for a Special Baby!

We are doing things a little differently for our shower and want to encourage secondhand gifts! That can mean consignment, hand-me-downs, thrifting etc. We know that not only can baby paraphernalia be expensive but it can be wasteful and we want to do our part!

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You do not need to shop secondhand but please consider it. There are of course some items that can not be purchased second hand due to health and safety concerns, please see guidelines below:

What to buy

  • Please use the registry as a guide, you do not need to get the exact brand/type listed on the registry, if you can find it secondhand great but please do not stress

  • Items where we are looking for exact brand/type will be marked

  • Items that can not be bought secondhand are marked as so and should be bought new (i.e. carseat)

Where to look

  • Once Upon A Child

  • (highly recommend)

  • Facebook Marketplace

  • Thrift Stores

  • (highly recommend)

  • (clothes)

  • (a little tricky to use/find local)


Clothing guidelines

  • Open to most colors and patterns

  • Tend to stay away from words/phrases/characters

  • Not overly concerned about the “gender” of the clothing

  • Baby will be fresh in the late fall/winter

  • ~6 months in the summer 

  • Don't hesitate to buy in any size! 

Visit our Registery!



Once you've purchased something please go on the registry and mark off the item as purchased so that we don't end up having a ton of the same thing!


Feel free to reach out to Jocelyn, Andrew, or Paige (in case you want to keep it a secret) with any questions! 


Thanks so much for your help and effort! We appreciate you all and can’t wait to see you at the shower! Baby Weigel is already so loved!

Visit our Registery!

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