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Registry and Shower FAQ

Registry FAQ

Doing things unconventionally can bring up lots of questions! If you still have questions after reading the below please reach out! 

Where can I find your registry?

We have registered at BabyList due to their flexibility. You can find links around this site or you can visit the registry here

What are the benefits of secondhand?

For a variety of reasons there is a surplus of baby items; people love to buy gifts for babies and babies grow very very fast! Giving secondhand can reduce the waste that comes with baby shopping and it can benefit everyone financially as well! 

Do I have to buy secondhand?

You do not need to but we do want to highly encourage it! We will happily accept new gifts as well. There are a few items that should not be bought secondhand, those are marked on the registry!

How do I know if something is in the right "condition" to buy?

Check for stains, wear & tear, and safety! If you are unsure about the safety, go to to be sure that the item hasn't been recalled for safety issues. 

Visit our Registery!


Shower FAQ

Just a few clarifying details!

What is on the menu?

There will be snacks served and a cash bar! There will of course be gluten free and veggie options!

Where do I park?

Park anywhere in the building parking lot! Make sure to go through the Great Awakening door and climb the stairs! If you need an accessible entrance, please park in the upper lot and use Door F off of Crane Ave.

Is Baby Weigel a girl or a boy?

Baby Weigel is a boy but we are not basing gifts off of gender!  We are also keeping Baby Weigel's name under wraps until he is born. 

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